Monitored Bench Probation

How it works:
After either pleading guilty/no-contest, or being found guilty of a misdemeanor crime, the Judge in your County may assign you to our Monitored Bench Probation program.

We are NOT Probation Officers. We are a monitoring and reporting agency. However, some of our duties are the same as that of a typical Probation Officer.

We are part Probation Officer (monitoring the conditions of your probation, etc.), part Social Worker (assisting you with resources in areas such as housing, health care, and employment), and part Advocate (ensuring that you are treated fairly and are given an opportunity to be successful in completing the conditions of your probation).

At Advanced Monitoring Professionals, LLC (AMP), we work hard to keep a good working relationship with the Courts, Prosecutors, Defense Attorney's, Treatment Provider's, and Client's.

The only fees we collect are directly from the client - meaning that we NEVER take payments for any services from the Courts, Tax Payers, etc.

For the Courts:
Advanced Monitoring Professionals, LLC (AMP) never charges the Courts a fee for our services. All fees are collected directly from the defendant.

We give each Court their own portal to log in to and check on the status of all clients from their jurisdiction. We also keep the Courts informed of the status of each client.

For the Prosecutors:
When needed, we fill out the appropriate court documents such as a Motion to Show Cause, Motion to Extend Probation, Motion for Early Termination of Probation, Interstate Compact, etc.

For the Defense Attorney's:
You can rest assured that your client is assigned someone who will work with them one-on-one to ensure that they have every possibility of completing the terms of their probation successfully.

For Treatment Providers:
We work closely with each Treatment Provider to ensure that they have all of the information needed to help our clients become successful. We also provide each Treatment Provider their own portal where they can log in and give us reports on how our client is doing.

For the Client:
You will be assigned a Case Manager who will work one-on-one with you to make sure you understand all of your conditions of probation. They will explain in detail every step that you need to take to ensure that you are successful in completing the terms and conditions of your probation.


Why am I being monitored?
You either pleaded guilty to a crime, or were found guilty. The Judge in your case has elected to have the "special conditions" of probation monitored to ensure a successful outcome.

How long will I be monitored for?
You will be monitored for the entire length of your probation period. However, once you have completed all of the special conditions of your probation, you won't need to check-in with us anymore unless you have violated a portion of your probation (i.e. another arrest, etc.), or if your contact information has changed.

How much does it cost me to be monitored?
This depends on the County in which you were placed on monitored bench probation. You do not have to pay us for the entire time you are on probation, but just until you finish all of the "special conditions" of your probation. Our goal is to get you through this whole process as quickly and painlessly as possible - which is also the least expensive way for you. Contact us for further information.

What if I can't finish a portion of my Bench Probation requirements before my probation ends?
Under certain circumstances, we can petition the court to extend your probation to allow you enough time to complete all conditions.

What treatment provider should I go to?
We have a comprehensive list of treatment providers for all of Oregon. Our Case Managers will work directly with you to find the right program for you. We are also able to refer defendants to states outside of Oregon when needed.

Can I move out of state?
That depends on what the Judge has ordered. In certain circumstances, if the Judge has said that you are not allowed to leave the state, we can assist in petitioning the court to allow you to leave temporarily, or even to move out of state.

How often do I need to check-in?
You will be assigned a Case Manager who will go over your individual plan with you.

What if I don't complete all of my conditions of probation?
We will work with you and do everything in our power to ensure you comply with the Court Order. However, if you do not complete all of the requirements, you may end up with a Probation Violation, and could serve jail time, have increased fines, have your probation extended, etc.

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