Traffic Safety Course

Course Locations Dates, & Times
To Be Announced

Contact your court for updates on dates, times & locations

Cost of Course
For persons who are required by the court to attend, and who will need proof of attending, there is a $40 charge. Payments can be made in advance by calling 800-760-1518, or you can pay by cash or credit/debit card at the class. If paying by cash, the exact amount is required.

For persons who are not required to attend, the class is FREE. However, you will not receive a certificate of completion.

The minimum age requirement to attend this class is 15.

Course Information
Drinks are allowed in the classroom, but food is not. No food or drinks are provided - you must bring your own drinks. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed.

The course always includes training in these areas:
1. Recent Law Changes
2. Driver Responsibilities
3. Driver Distractions
4. Rules of the Road

"Rules of the Road" Always Includes At Least The Following Subjects:
1. Excessive Speed
2. Following Too Closely
3. Emergency Vehicles
4. Safety Belts
5. Child Safety Seats
6. School Zones
7. School Buses
8. Lane Changes & Turning
9. Required Lighting
10. Traffic Control Devices
11. Intersections
12. Pavement Markings
13. Defensive Driving
14. Weather & Road Conditions
15. Careless/Reckless Driving
16. Pedestrians & Bicycles
17. Motorcycles & Mopeds
18. Road Rage
19. Impaired Driving

For further questions about the Traffic Safety Course, please call AMP at 800-760-1518, or email us at