Monitored Bench Probation

PRObation monitoring
We monitor all "special conditions" of the Courts Judgment (Court Order), and guide each client through each of those conditions to ensure a greater chance of success. We work closely with the Courts, Defense Attorneys, Prosecutors and Treatment Providers and report back to each on our clients' progress.
social services
When needed, we provide clients with help and resources in several areas including help with obtaining financial assistance, housing, job opportunities, skills training and much more.

Advanced Monitoring Professionals, LLC acts as an advocate for each of our clients, ensuring that they are treated fairly and that they are given a fair chance to succeed. We make every effort possible to give each client a fair chance for a successful outcome.

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Evaluations & Referrals

Advanced Monitoring Professionals, LLC provides evaluation and referral services for courts in Oregon.

Referrals can be to a wide range of treatment or other services.

EXAMPLES OF TREATMENT REFERRALS Alcohol & Drug, Batterers Intervention Program (BIP), Anger Management, Traffic Safety, Gambling Addictions, Victims Impact Panel (VIP), Theft Awareness, etc.

Oregon Health Plan (OHP), Community Service, Employment, Education, Parenting Classes, Mental Health, etc.

Advanced Monitoring Professionals, LLC uses a wide range of evidence based screening materials in determening appropriate referrals for treatment. We then monitor the treatment and report to the court.


Traffic Safety Course


The AMP Traffic Safety Course is approved in most courts in Oregon. Traffic Safety Course locations and times continue to change as more courts and locations are being added frequently. Please contact AMP for current locations and times.

Traffic Safety Classes are in a classroom setting only. The instructor is very knowledgable and has taught these classes in Oregon for many years.

Classes last for 4 hours and all materials are provided.


As a public service to the communities where we operate, AMP provides this course for FREE for individuals who are not required by a court to attend.

Individuals who are required by the court to participate in a Traffic Safety Course will be required to pay $40. Payments can be made in advance by calling AMP at 800-760-1518. Payments can also be made at the time of class using either a Credit or Debit Card, or cash (exact amount required).

Identification is REQUIRED for persons ordered to attend by the court.

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